Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's in My Bag?

I love my bag from Target.  I went through a period of time, like 3 years worth of time, not carrying a bag.  I used to LOVE shopping for cute purses.  A purse was so essential to me, as a lady ;-) When I got married, my husband's pocket became my purse.  He would carry my phone and a ChapStick.  That's all I would need.  I have always liked over the shoulder bags, so sometimes I would carry that.

Here is what's in my purse right now.
*Kenneth Cole wallet - hubby picked it out for me.
*A watch
*Sunnies x2
*Some gum... I don't typically chew a lot of gum, but this pack was left over from the trip.
*A ring? Also from the trip.  Come to think of it, I didn't even wear it!  I got this ring as a souvenir from Charleston, SC last year when we were on vacation :) It's kind of special :)
*My iPhone, in love with my case from Etsy.  Foxes are so cool.
*A logbook for tracking my steps along with a pen and step tracker... haven't been using it...

A lot of fellow bloggers are doing "What's in my bag," I thought it would be fun to post some of my own! What's in your purse?  ;) (After typing that out I realized I sound like the Viking from Capital One commercial - "What's in your wallet?" ha ha)
Happy Wednesday, lovelies. I hope the sun is shining where you are! It sure is nice over here today!  xox, m.


  1. I need to clean out my purse! Most of what I have in there I don't use but once a year and of course, when I put it away I need it the next day ! -O

    1. Do a "What's in my bag" post, that shall motivate you to clean out your purse ;) hee hee
      That happens to me all the time! -M

  2. You did a whats in my purse post too, yay! I love your new purse.

    1. Yes! It's fun! ;) Thanks, lovely lady! Hope you're having an awesome day! xox M


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