Friday, April 19, 2013

Make Your Own: Pen/Pencil Pouch!

My niece and I had a fun time working on pretty things yesterday afternoon.  She seemed so inspired when she visited my house on Tuesday, that we decided we would set a date on Thursday (yesterday) and make crafty messes.  I picked her up right after school and headed to Michael's.  We bought a white make up pouch. (Along with stamps, notebooks, paints and more!)  Since Jessica is only I mean already 11 years old and doesn't wear make up (yet!) I thought she could use this for her school supplies, like pens and pencils.  I immediately pictured us making a pretty pattern on this white pouch with some fabric paint.  And so we did.  It turned out even better than I've pictured in my head, and I wanted to keep it for myself!  A little selfish?  Maybe I should do another run to the craft store and get me another one (or dos!) ! ;)

If you want to create something nifty and not to mention practical like this pen pouch, here is what you'll need.
1.  A pouch.  2.  Fabric paint any color(s) your heart desires.  3.  Paint brush  4.  Some brownies to eat while you patiently wait for the front to dry so you can tackle the back!  ;)

Jessica was giddy with the final result!  She couldn't wait to take it to school and show it off to her friends.  It's a great feeling to make something yourself!

I hope this pouch will inspire Jessica to make more pretty things!  I can't wait to hang out with her again and work on special aunty  + niece projects!
How was your day?  Who do you love crafting with?? 
Thanks for reading!  Happy weekend! M. 

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  1. Cute diy! (:



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