Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Humble Little Garden

My husband and I love to eat healthy. Growing up my mom didn't have to tell me twice to eat my veggies ;) I was a SUPER picky eater, but vegetables were my favorite to eat! We buy vegetables ALL THE TIME. Buying organic vegetables leaves our wallets light and kind of empty... With spring here and summer quickly approaching I knew I could help out our wallet by having a small garden for our vegetables.  It won't just help our wallet, but it will also make me super happy knowing that we grew the vegetables ourselves! Watching plants come to life while the sun is waking them up and the rain is quenching their thirst is such a little miracle!  My parents have been gardening their whole lives, so I asked them to help us out with a garden of our own!  :) My dad is a hard worker, he kind of took over the whole project himself.  He built a little fence and brought soil in for our 8x8 garden.  Yes, it's tiny.  Dad laughs at it and calls it a sandbox.  Of course their garden is 10x bigger, but for my very first time gardening on my own we all agreed it will be a good size!

Here is my humble little garden in our backyard!  The reason I say "my" is because my hubby made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with it.... other than eat the vegetables.  Ha ha.  I don't mind.  It's small and it will be just enough for me to play in! I am not sharing! ;)
(The big ol' tree in the background is actually not ours :( We bought our house brand new, it doesn't have any old trees, or any trees actually, that makes me a little sad, but I am excited to plant our own trees and watch them grow with us!)

Yesterday I planted sugar snap peas!  They are my FAVORITE!!! They like to be planted as early as possible, they are not afraid of the cold.  Temperatures here in Virginia are still low, so I am not planting anything else for a couple more weeks!  Can't wait! :) You will see more of my gardening diaries on here.
Do you eat your veggies? ;)  If you have a garden of your own, I would love to hear any tips/tricks!  I am definitely not an expert on gardening... YET.  With my parent's help, I hope to become good with this thing! ;) As always, thank you for stopping by!  It makes me happy when you're here ;)
Happy Tuesday, xo m.

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  1. Im starting my garden too. Its always so excited to see your little sprouts come up.



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