Monday, April 15, 2013

Mirror Restyle For Our Home

My mom gave us a gold mirror. Made out of real gold! Okay, just kidding. You fell for it, didn't you?! Probably not. Gold painted mirror. We needed a mirror for the entry way of our house (O even said so!) Our entry way is empty. We are brainstorming for now. Gold accessories are lovely and quite trendy right now, but my husband and I just couldn't see any gold decor in our home. It doesn't feel like us. It's important for us to display only what we really love. We don't want to crowd our house with things we only like, like this mirror.  We like it, but I think I really wanted to make a project out of it... So we did!  We had red and brown spray paint left over from spray painting picture frames.  Husband taped up the mirror and I took the mirror outside, scrubbed the gold off and spray painted it with red paint. Stepped away from the newly painted mirror and wasn't content.  It still wasn't right!  I wanted it to have a distressed look.  Hubby went over the mirror with brown paint, and still my heart wasn't satisfied.  Picky, picky me.  While the paint was drying, I looked up ways online to distress furniture. Some people go all the way out and beat the furniture with a hammer.  I also read that wood stain helps the furniture look more old and distressed.   I started to scrub the paint off. I also used some wood stain. And scrubbed some more. Now my mirror has that distressed feel to it and has a fitting color for our home. I am satisfied with the finished look. It was definitely an easy project that didn't take long at all. I got to spend some time outside and soak in the sun. I find myself looking for any reason at all to spend time outside. Gardening, riding my bike, taking walks with hubby, and working on projects! Excited to start a few more bigger projects here soon. Tomorrow if the weather permits, I'll be digging in the garden and planting the rest of the vegetables! Can't wait! Today is rainy here, which is perfect. Rain is good! Do you love spending time outside? What are your favorite outdoor activities/hobbies? :) I would love to hear them! Thank you for stopping by and happy Monday! Blessings, M.


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