Saturday, April 13, 2013

1001 Cat Places - Window

It's so funny to watch Momo gallop like a horse across the house to the nearest window when she hears a noise outside.  She loves to bird-watch.  I think it's one of her favorite things to do.  I have no idea how she hears the bird, but she does.  Cat instinct, I guess.

Then she hunches over into I'm-ready-to-hunt- position. I don't think she would ever even hurt a fly, but she pretends like she hunts. She is fun to have around.

On another note, it's Saturday! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Do you love this weather as much as I do?! Unplug and go outside and enjoy the sun (if it's shining where you are!) nothing on internet can replace the sun ;)   Happy weekend! -M


  1. this is a very funny feature. i might have to borrow it for it my blog & cat lol!!! i love any kind of post about cats.

  2. Such a sweet post. I love my little kitty too!


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