Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Decorated Denim

Happy Friday, blogosphere! Today I'm reminiscing the good ol' days... When my bestie and I had plenty of time to work on DIYs.  I want to share jeans that O and I decorated... About five years ago? Or has it been even longer than that? Not even sure... Regardless, we had a blast working on them, I remember that for a fact! ;)
My style has slightly changed over the years. If I wear jeans, they are usually skinny.  These jeans have a special place in my heart though, and I can assure you I am keeping them forever!

I wore them about two years ago (pictured above)  and then again couple months ago with tights underneath since Oksana and I went hole-crazy with these jeans!

We cut out fabric and quotes that we liked and stitched them onto denim.  (Apparently my brave 14 year old self liked this quote?)

Got a little creative with stitching different colored threads and cutting out (a ton of) holes.

Adding buttons was a MUST!

We were really proud of this unique pair of jeans that we've created.  Back then we didn't have internet (seriously, what am I? 100?) but it's true, we didn't have the opportunity to read blogs (ahem, dial-up internet), or search Pinterest (I don't think it existed) for inspiration, it was just born from our daily lives!  We let our imagination run free!

Seems like decorated denim is quite trendy today and I'm kind of in a mood to decorate some more of my jeans!  Maybe shorts this time?  I've got some ideas! ;)  Right now I have to run and dig in the garden for a few seconds and then grab a bite?  I do eat dinner later than 5 p.m.  So I guess I'm not THAT old, yet!  -M

P.S. O! Do you remember this?!!?? I remember it like it was yesterday.  We sat on the floor in my bedroom and I even remember using dad's sand paper from his shed!! Fun!!! :) 

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