Monday, April 8, 2013

1001 Cat Places - Momo :)

So this 1001 Cat Places series was definitely O's idea. She tends to come up with whimsical ideas, that's the artist in her. Since I, too, am a whiskered pet owner, I decided to join in! This should be fun! I will start of with Momo in a dryer. We find her there from time to time... :) I think she should know a little better than that! I believe there was a time when the dryer got turned on while the curious kitty was still inside! O_O Don't worry, it was just for a sec and a total accident. She did not get burnt or hurt!!! We love her too much and would never want to hurt her.... but now I ALWAYS check before turning on the washer... Just in case ;)  Where do your pets like to hide?  Any stories/pictures?  If you have a blog where you record your pets' lives, in the comments give us the link and we will head over to check them out!!! ;) As always, thank you for stopping by! xox, m.

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