Thursday, April 11, 2013

(More) Voyage Photos

On Sunday I shared some iPhone photos from our trip, over here!
Sharing is caring, so here are some more iPhone photos from our voyage.  I really enjoyed our cruise and the islands that we explored.  Take me back, please!!!

Our hearts were stolen by Grand Cayman Island... Just look at that water!  We couldn't get enough of it!  This photo really captured our love and what we love (the ocean), thinking about framing it! It's one of my favorites!

How big are those ships!  Massive!!! 

Yup, tanning is so much more fun on a fancy bed ;) 

Palm trees, palm trees and more palm trees!!! 

I am ready for zip lining!  Yes, zip lining!!! 300 feet above ground!  Woo hoo!  Fun!!! 

This little truck took us to the top of the mountain to zip line! Talk about a bumpy ride!  

Extreme is our kind of adventure!  

I don't want to overwhelm you with so much awesomeness, so that's why I am breaking up our voyage photos into a few posts! ;)  Go here to see some more!  I am happy to share my adventures with my friends and blogosphere.  It's so much fun!  Thank you for being here! ;) Happy Thursday! xo, m. 


  1. looks like a beautiful place!


    1. Oh yes! All of the islands are incredibly beautiful! Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a lovely Thursday! -M

  2. it looks so lovely! I'm so jealous! im itching for a trip right now!


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