Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Cruise Pictures! :)

As promised, here are the last bits of our vacation pictures via iPhone!  Enjoy!  As for me, I will dream about laying in a hammock, watching the waves and sipping on something fruity and delicious!

Blend a smoothie?  Have yourself a little workout before you indulge in calories!  How clever! :) 

Biggest palm tree I ever did see! (And hug!)

Arriving to Grand Cayman! 


So far, out of all the trips we took as a married couple, I realized our favorite vacations are the ones that involve the beach!  :) Beach bumming is sort of our thing!  Feet in the sand, the sun kissing our faces and the warm ocean breeze.  All so magical!  Should we move closer to the ocean? 
What is your favorite kind of vacation?! Would love to hear!  If you have some pictures, post the link in the comments and I will definitely head over to see!  Thank you and happy Tuesday!  I'll try to be back to share more DIY projects, either today or tomorrow.  xo, m. 
P.S.  I shared more pictures from our recent trip here and here!  Feel free to take a looksie! ;) 


  1. Thank you so much!
    These pictures are amazing, I want to be there now! :o

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you had a wonderful time on your cruise. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to go on a vacation right now.

  3. It looks fantastic! I wish I had me one of those nifty smoothie bikes! -O


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