Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lots of Green!

It has been awhile since I've done a garden update.  Well here it is, folks!  It's all green and beautiful!  Loving every second of gardening!  I love taking peeks at my garden each morning, afternoon and evening!  This evening I just got done watering my plants! 

Cannot wait till these little guys will be ready :)

 Plenty of radishes!  Yumm!  Spring salad anyone? 

This will be a sugar snap pea... soon!

My tomatoes that I've planted around May 10th, froze over night on May 13th.  Why is there frost in May? Why? We were in DC that day and didn't have a chance to cover them... :( So sad!  I do have the best dad in the whole wide world though, and he planted new ones for me!  Surprise!  We were away celebrating our anniversary and I thought as soon as we get back I will buy new plants and wait until June to plant them! But my daddy beat me to it, we came home to beautiful tomato plants standing strong.  Ahhh... the stories of gardening.  Hopefully no more frost, but more of this...

How is your garden doing this spring?? :) Thanks for stopping by! xo, m.


  1. How do you know when your radishes are ready to pick?

    1. Look at the green leaves where the radish comes up out of the ground. You should be able to see the top part of the radish pushing itself up out of the ground. If it looks about the size you expect that specific radish variety to be, they should be ready to harvest when they reach that size. Most of mine are really big already and it's easy to see that and I know I've got to pick them! I had a few radishes splitting, which means they over matured and that's not good! I try to pick a few each day! :) Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions :) -M

  2. This is so beautiful and lush!

  3. this makes me want to go outside and enjoy the weather rather than sit in class all day!

    - Janine


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