Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I am so eager to be jumping back into blogging.  I am finally over my finals (all but one) and I am ready for new challenges to come my way!  Anywho... today at work I was not feeling very peachy so during my lunch break I decided to do a bit of therapy shopping at Goodwill down the street.  So what did I buy? I bought a old worn wooden coffee table (for 6 bucks!) a candle and an old clock (to add to my clock collection).  So this $6 table may have been an impulse buy but I do not regret it! As soon as I went home after work, I got busy and painted it using and off-white paint left over from my last project ( my insticts did tell me to buy a whole gallon!).  I love the antique-shabby chic look that transpired.  I enjoyed painting the  I'm so happy to be back and thanks for reading! -O

I won't even feel bad about my husband not using a coaster for his coffee... You can always apply a fresh coat of paint :)

The candle I purchased smelled so good while I painted the table!
I liked the wood underneath but I wanted a piece to go with my barn-inspired table (click on the link here :)

I love neutrals! You can never go wrong!

I missed you wonderful readers!


  1. I love finding pieces to paint. I love metal the most.

  2. I hope to paint more furniture :) its easy fun and rewarding. I hope to be a bit more risky and mix up the colors! Maybe one day I will find a metal piece! I wonder how that would look :) Thank you for reading! -O


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