Friday, May 10, 2013

Hair Therapy!

You hear this a lot from me.  I had a tough day... blah blah blah! Well I seem to have those types of days often.  Maybe I am just a drama queen an over-reactor.  Well guess what?! I was flipping out today and decided to do something big to mix things up. I thought of getting another cat to keep Moose company but my husband made it crystal clear that the animal is not welcome. ( Maybe next time, after I butter him up!)  So I got a hair cut.  Now, you must understand I am very subtle in my usual haircut. Just about two weeks ago I went to a random stylist (BIG Mistake) instead of my usual one and to put it nicely, I will never let her touch my hair again! I was too lazy to travel an extra 30 minutes to get a haircut across town and for that I suffered for two weeks with crooked bangs that were too short to cut again.  Thankfully, my hair grows fairly quick so I was able to get that fixed after two weeks.  Do they give just anyone cosmetology licenses? I hope the DMV doesn't operate the same way.  I AM sounding like a drama queen today!  I am enjoying my new haircut very much! It feels fresh and looks different... I may be going back to get a few more layers.  Am I really the only one who wakes up one day and is like "What a great day to chop my hair off and buy a cat." ?! I don't want to know how my mid-life crisis will turn out! Thank you for reading today! I hope all of you are having a blessed week! Love, O

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