Friday, May 3, 2013

Keepsake Journal

Are you thinking, Oh, no!  Stamping again?
I did warn you about my obsession with stamping, didn't I?  :)  Today I want to share a small memory journal that I'm working on.  Oksana got me a pretty blue journal, but it was plain and she suggested I decorate it.  I couldn't pass up the cute bird cage stamp I found at Michael's along with hearts and birds.  I hand wrote lyrics from a song and this handy notebook will be a place to treasure all our keepsakes.  I will take it with me on all our trips!

I wanted to keep it pretty simple.  For the page above I simply stamped xoxo and glued a picture of us from a very special date.  (I think it will be a good idea to write the dates!)

I've kept pictures and receipts from different dates, road trips and vacations.  I will preserve them in my keepsake journal. 

La Maison du Chocolat = LOVE from the first sip of the chocolate drink!  Délicieux!

I saved almost all of the receipts from our trip to NYC last August.  I am so glad I did.  We did so much sight seeing and exploring it's hard to remember everything.  Looking back at the receipts I can revive those fun adventures.  (And of course we took a ton of pictures!)

If you decide to decorate a journal all you need is some paint, paint brush and stamps!  Oh and song lyrics! Very important.  Or you can make up your own song.  Whatever floats your boat.  I cheated and used a sharpie for the writing... I couldn't get any of my paint brushes to form thin and small lines!  (I practiced with a brush and paint and my wording was huge... that's not what I wanted on this small journal - maybe on a bigger project I will use a brush like normal people would.)  I got the effect I was shooting for with a sharpie.  Good enough for me! You might want to seal the journal after the paint dries.  I haven't sealed mine yet.  
Happy journaling and happy Friday!  xo. m  

P.S. In a mood for stamping?  Check out anchors stamped pants, polka dot stamped summer dress and another stamped book that O shared with us!

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  1. Stamp with pride because cause these are cute.


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