Friday, May 10, 2013

Etsy Love: Tea + Foxes

I am back for another round of Etsy love! :) I hope you all, lovelies, are having a wonderful start to the weekend!  I am SO glad it's here!
How cute is  this print?!  Tea lover over here.

 Valentines Print Tea poster, Love print, quote art, pink decor, Stig Lindberg, saying, tea cup illustration  -  You are My Cup of Tea A3

This ring  is adorbs!  I kind of need it!  :)

 fox ring in gold / silver / rose gold

Along with these pretties!  I'm in love with pretty rings.  Rings are my favorite.

 arrow ring in silver / gold

I am head over heels in love with collars.  Yes.  Every new dress that I buy! ;)  Or I guess I could just get this pretty thing and wear it with a simple dress or shirt.  Hmmm... that's an idea!

 The Wednesday- a detachable pointed end collar, made to order in any pattern

 What are you in love with these days?

Oksana shared her therapy  and this is mine... a little bit of window shopping is always a good idea!  I had a lovely date night with my mister tonight and I am thankful for it.  Tomorrow will be a busy day for us doing house work and maybe a few projects?  Thanks for stopping by, and have an awesome weekend! Blessings, M. 

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