Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Graveyards. Creepy or Serene?

Dear readers: I would like to share a thought I had today and I hope it does not offend anyone because that is not he purpose of it . Today I was driving by the graveyard I pass by every morning going to work and caught sight of the twisted tree that grows in the center of a few graves. The rainy, misty morning was the perfect backdrop for the scene in the graveyard.  I do not associate graveyards with sadness or loss. The only close family member that died was my pops, (cancer) but I did not know him very well at the young age of 7 but I heard he was a wonderful man who, I am sure, is in heaven! Since I was running late to work, I drove by resisting to take a picture. After work, I almost passed the graveyard again but decided to stop in and take a picture. I drove through the opened Victorian gates. I threw off me heels off (which I had worn 10 hours straight, on my feet most of the day) and sank by bare feet into the soft wet grass. The snaps I took were romantic in a way and peaceful looking. The whole place just symbolized rest for me. Exactly what I needed after a day of nothing going right. (OK, before I go emo on you, I will conclude my thought :) I think my perspective will change of graveyards after one that I really love will leave the earth but for now? I have to say I have only had good memories in graveyards. I have jogged daily around a graveyard and never ever had any strangers intrude. I would practice my sketching while leaning against a tree and I even shared my first kiss with my husband on our date to the graveyard Annnnd... That's a long story. Again, I have complete respect for graveyards and the deceased ! I just wanted to share what was in my head :) What are your perspectives of graveyards? Are they creepy? Quiet? Peaceful? Thank you for letting me share my thoughts... I'm so random! -O

This is the same exact spot where me and Hubs kissed... How romantic! LOL


  1. This a really sweet. You found the beauty in the darkness of the scenery. Love love.

    1. Exactly!! Graveyards are a great place to meditate and reflect! Thanks for reading :). -o


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