Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wee One Melting My Heart

We welcomed a fuzzy friend into our home last May.  An independent, full of curiosity, extremely playful and super soft to the touch kind of friend.  Did any of these hints give it away?  You were super close, she's a kitty! :) Meow! I miss little Momo. She turned one in February, and I can't help but miss the tiny kitty.  Just look at her eyes. My heart just melted!
She is all grown now, and really believes she is the princess of the house. She is quite charming ;)

Does this melt your heart, too?  Thanks for letting me share a picture of the wee one! :) xox, M

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  1. Our furry friends always hold a special place in our hearts <3 I want to see some of Momo's Birthday pictures!

    Love, O


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