Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bundled up in a sweater

I thought March meant sandals and sun hats, but it’s still chilly outside and there is snow on the ground. Not the fluffy, beautiful kind, but the slushy, mushy kind! Birds are still chirping and the sun IS shining, but I can’t run around barefoot in dresses that twirl just yet! Instead, I am still wearing boots, like every.single.day and bundling up in my husband’s warm sweaters. Wait, what? Husband’s sweater? Why, yes! :)) You’re telling me you never borrow your soulmate’s clothes? Oh, I do! It’s so much fun! Now, my husband doesn’t usually borrow MY clothes, but he certainly doesn’t mind when I snatch one of his comfy sweaters! We found this particular sweater at Gap when we were out of town exploring bigger malls. You see, we live in a tiny city that doesn’t really have a mall. GASP! We actually don’t mind at all! We love to travel. Road trips are ALWAYS a win in my book! Not having awesome stores close by, gets us to travel more often! Yay! Back to the sweater. It’s one of my favorite sweaters on my man, and now also on me! :) Oh and I love pairing navy blue with bright orange! Do you share clothes with your love? You should totally try it out, it’s great!
Happy Tuesday!
xox, m.

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