Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patience = Beautiful Coffee Table!

Since we are all friends here, let me just start out with the fact that I am not a patient person! I wasn't blessed with patience. It's not my strong suit. I thought since you are here, and reading this blog, it's kind of important to know! Whew, I'm glad I got this load off of my chest. What helps me at times, is of course to read the Bible, and this quote by Joyce Meyer, "Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting." This helps, but it doesn't mean that I act appropriately all the time when I'm waiting for something that my little heart wants!
Enter, coffee table.
As I was searching the World Wide Web, I stumbled a upon a beautiful coffee table made out of crates! (Check it out here) It was love from first sight. I immediately knew I needed one of those in our living room, and I needed it like, now! I showed the table to my mister, and he approved. He said it will be easy to make! Hooray! I wanted to make it right away, but we didn't have the extra money. To get the supplies you needed the money. Imagine that. So I kept talking about it and dreaming about it! And talking about. You get the point. It was on my mind a lot! Christmas was right around the corner, and I thought maybe, just maybe, Elijah would make me that table and surprise me with it! Well it wouldn't be a surprise if I was hoping for it... But he kind of flushed my dream down the drain when he informed me that he was too busy with other projects and didn't have the supplies for coffee table. I was (kind of) a grump.
Long story short, Christmas Eve day arrives and my husband's friend brings the coffee table to our house! (My husband worked on the table outside of our home so I wouldn't know about it, and his friend has a truck, which was needed to bring the table.) It was the most beautiful coffee table I have ever seen. So rustic and still so delicate! It was handcrafted with love!! He made the crates out of shipping pallets and carefully put them all together and stained them. It definitely put lots of hearts in my eyes when I saw it and it made my heart leap with joy! I did happy dances and tightly hugged the husband. (Not the friend, just so we are clear. Although, I was so happy I could've hugged everyone and anyone at that moment. I politely shook the friend's hand, and thanked him.)
I felt bad for being so impatient! The perfect time came and I had the perfect gift! Elijah's idea was to fill the empty spot in the middle of the table with wine corks, and I wanted succulents. We filled it with both! I think it's a lovely combination.  I don't have to worry about watering the succulents often, and they get plenty of sun and I absolutely love the look! It's a win win!  The coffee table is my favorite piece of furniture in our home.  I cannot wait to work on other projects in the near future, together with my hubby! What would you fill the middle of the table with?  Any ideas?  I would love to hear them!  As always, thank you for reading, and be sure to check out Vintage Chic to see where our inspiration came from!
xox, m.


  1. Ahh I saw this too! I'm so happy you actually made it. When I get a bigger living room I want to do the same thing. Yours looks soooo good!

    1. Well, my hubby actually made it! You should definitely make one too! Thank you for your kindness! :))

  2. Mika ~ Your table looks awesome! I love the plants in the middle. I received your email and will message you back. Great job!


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