Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

Friends bring happiness to my heart! I love and treasure each and every one of my friends. Today I want to dedicate my Flashback Friday post to my dearest friend, my bestie! I can sit here for hours and write about all of our fun adventures, but I wouldn't be able to cover everything in a day, or a week... not even in a month! Rewind about 9 years back... O was 11 and I was 12 years old when we met at our church. We didn't start being besties right away. We did, however, enjoy hanging out and noticed we had a lot in common, and with time we started wearing friendship bracelets and necklaces. ;)) She would have the "best" and I would have the "friend" part. Oh, to be a kid again. So many whimsical memories! I remember the summers that we've spent at the beach, taking evening walks and rambling about life and dreams. Looking up at the sky and making a wish when we would see a shooting star! Saturdays and Sundays would always be filled with activities. O would be teaching me how to paint and I would fail miserably. Always running down the road to a market close by and getting all sorts of snacks and laughing uncontrollably. O has ALWAYS been by my side. Always stood up for me and even did my homework for me... sometimes... or a lot of times... Don't tell my teachers! ;) Thank you, O! :) You are smart, fun and beautiful inside and out! Bestie, I am so glad we could keep our friendship. I cherish you and thank God for you! :)
Do you all have that one friend that means a world to you?!
Happy Friday! xox, m.
P.S. These pictures are of us when we were about 13 and 14 years old ;) 

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  1. Yes I remember those good days :) I'm so glad to have you in my life bestie !


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