Sunday, March 10, 2013

February's Snapshots

February. The shortest month! Ever wonder why it only has 28 days? I do :) Well there IS a valid reason out there, but I'm not here to talk about that. February was a great month. It was a love month, after all! The husband surprised me with a Trek bike, can I just say how amazing my hubby is?! We spent a lot of time together. Did some traveling, sharing snacks, drinking coffee + tea, and holding hands! (Often!) Beyond words grateful to our Heavenly Father for showering us with His blessings! Thank you for letting me share some of the snapshots from our life! ;) Love, M

Skies sprinkled some snow.... happy me! :-D

It was a perfect rainy evening to sip on a hot cup of my favorite tea! 

Holding hands is my favorite!

So much yuminess on my plate! Grateful for a surprise dinner by hubsy, of course. :)

"God gave me you...."

Did I ever mention we love to hold hands?

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