Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Jolly Kid

I'm such a kid when it comes to snow! I pray for snow the night before! I dream about making snow angels and having a massive snowball fight! Drinking hot cocoa next to our cozy fireplace. Warming up my icy hands and soggy from the snow feet while my socks and mittens are drying. Snow is so much fun!
My favorite part is the night before the adventures. When the snow is majestically falling from the sky. The snow is sparkling in the moonlight and it's tranquil outside.

Nights like these have stolen my heart.

I really wish I put pebbles as eyes and a carrot nose, but the idea came after the picture was taken!  Maybe next time? :)

Making snow angels, while the husband is throwing snow at me.

I heart snow, can you tell?

Went for a drive on a Subie.  Visited a friend, my sister and parents.
Thank you March 6th for gifting us 18 inches of snow here in Virginia!  Hooray! :)

We are HAPPY.
Do you do happy dances when snow is on the forecast? How do you love to spend a snowy day?? :) Thank you for reading!
xox m

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  1. I like to cuddle inside next to a window with my husband and cat watching the snow fall to the ground gently. There is something comforting about watching the flakes flutter down from the smoky sky. Each one unique and special.

    Love, O


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