Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camping Trip

Hi hi hi, friends!  It has been awhile!  We were out of town for a little bit on a camping trip with NO phone service! (Nor internet service, duh)  We had the best of time eating grilled foodie, making s'mores, and had plenty of quality time with our friends.  I love to disconnect and enjoy the outdoors.  I am a nature's fan!  It's so good to be outside and breathe the fresh air and just run around like crazy.  We did some hiking, a little bit of biking and played soccer! We had a (BIG) crowd with us! ;)  I didn't want to go back to real life.  I hope you had an amazing week!
I can't chat for too long today as it is Saturday and we have a wedding to go to! :)
Here are a few snippets of our camping trip via iPhone.  (I only used my phone for pictures, nothing else while camping!)

Here are my DIY shiny red shoes with ABM App  --> my most favorite app! :) 

My "little" brother being a circus bear on a trike!  
(I was on a lookout for a real bear the whole time, but unfortunately we didn't come across one...)

In the bright afternoon light I took a ton of pictures of our shadows! It was fun!

Thanks for taking a peek at our camping trip! Gotta run...  xox, m. 
P.S. Have a blessed weekend!  


  1. I love this post. So looking forward to camping.

  2. ugh I'm itching to go camping! I can't wait!!!


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